Corporate Professional Development Ltd. is a unique consultancy specialising in the  delivery of CPD training services ensuring the highest measurable success outcomes are achieved when presenting CPD's to architects.

The company draws on its in-depth experience of delivering a variety of selling to architects programs including Specification Essentials.
Our CPD training has been exclusively developed to respond to the architectural sector of the construction industry.

Our clients are manufacturers of building components who are members of one or more of the following CPD services:
O RIBA CPD Providers Network
O Construction CPD Certification Service
O Direct Contact Exhibitions
In addition to our portfolio of CPD training programmes, we also carry out  consultancy in the areas of CPD development and selling to architects.
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Securing more appointments:
In addition to CPD delivery skills' development, our programmes also enable participants to understand how their CPD seminars are an important asset in gaining more architectural appointments as an essential precursor to securing more long-term business relationships.

Wide experience:
Our experience includes working with leading building product manufacturers such as: Alumasc, Burmatex, Cellecta, Xtratherm, Yale and Zip.

Training that works:
To quote the comments of one Sales Director:
"They know and understand architects."
"They understand how to deliver and achieve CPD success."
"They listened carefully to our specific requirements."
"They designed the training around our organisation objectives."
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Building Product Manufacturers: 
who wish to increase the value of their ROI from CPD's.

Directors and Sales/Specification Managers: 
who have the responsibility of increasing the CPD delivery and impact effectiveness of sales individuals and teams.

Sales/Technical Representatives: 
who are on the front line and therefore responsible for achieving architect appointments and specifications. Who need CPD delivery skills development to help enhance sales.

HR Departments
(including Training Managers):

who wish to secure a valuable CPD training resource for their company's sales team.

who have benefited from CPD Ltd's training expertise; Business Development Managers, House Building Managers and Key Account Managers have all benefited from our specialised coaching.
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Programme Overview

This programme is designed to equip less experienced presenters with the core presentation and confidence skills essential to delivering successful CPDs.

Programme Suitability

CPD presenters  seeking further development of presentation skills.

CPD Presenters who have not received training in public speaking.

New CPD presenters who have not presented to architects.   



Effective presentations for company success.

Using language more effectively.

Building increased confidence levels.

Concluding with impact.

Assessment of existing presentation style.

Maximising PowerPoint visuals.

Increasing audience engagement.

Ensuring all CPD business objectives are met.

Value of setting clear CPD business objectives.

Guidelines for effective handouts.

Handling problematic audiences.

Personalised CPD Action Blueprint.

Number of delegates

To ensure the fullest possible interaction, the maximum number of delegates is limited to four.


Fees are based on each individual assignment.


The programme is run over two separate days, with an interval between each day to allow for assimilation, preparation and implementation.


Programme dates are agreed between the client and CPD Ltd.

Further Information

For more information please contact us on: 0116 210 7400 or

Programme Overview

This programme focuses on the full range of CPD related skills with specific reference to the company's current CPD seminar.

Programme Suitability

CPD presenters with approximately two years' experience who wish to take their CPD presentation skills to the next level.

CPD presenters who have already attended the CPD Success Essential programme.



Participant self-appraisal to ascertain CPD development needs.

Relevant interactive exercises to support CPD development.

Using language to reinforce seminar content and objectives.

Preparation of CPD Action Blueprint.

Recording of CPD seminar presentation.

Implementing an agenda to ensure maximum audience impact.

Maximising PowerPoint to achieve objectives.

Ensuring CPD seminars achieve long term objectives.

Review of all aspects of presentation content.

Create clear relevant educational sections within the presentation.

Increasing seminar impact by use of our 75 point appraisal system.

Scheduling follow-up activities to build upon seminar success.

Number of delegates

The number of delegates from one company (or mix of companies) is limited to four delegates.


Fees are based on each individual assignment.


This programme is a one day programme.


Programme dates are agreed between the client and CPD Ltd.

Further Information

For more information please contact us on: 0116 210 7400 or

Programme Overview

This programme is designed to take presentation skills to the highest and most effective levels.

Programme Suitability

Sales executives who want to evaluate the programme's effectiveness for their sales team.

Sales executives who wish to upgrade their existing CPD presentation skills.

Sales executives who wish to upgrade their own presentation skills in order to share skills with their team.

CPD Presenters under considered for promotion.



Setting CPD business objectives.

Reviewing individual seminar objectives.

Securing more CPD opportunities.

Introducing CPD Ltd's 75 Point Success Appraisal System.

Effectively use of the Appraisal System.

Worthwhile pre-CPD seminar activities.

Using language for maximum effect.

Review of existing PowerPoint visuals.

Strategic use of handouts.

Increasing confidence levels.

Improving audience engagement.

Maximising question and answer opportunities.

Successfully handling challenging audiences.

Concluding with impact.

Achieving CPD success objectives.

Effective post-CPD seminar activities.

Developing the company CPD Action Blueprint.

Number of delegates

This programme is only run a one-to-one basis.


Price on application.


The CPD Executive programme is a one day event.


The date of this programme is agreed between the executive and CPD Ltd.

Further Information

For more information please contact us on: 0116 210 7400 or

Mike Howitt
Chief Consultant

Mike is widely known in the construction industry for his experience in the field of communications between building component manufacturers and architects and specifiers, both in the UK and South Africa. He was responsible for the development and introduction of the UK's first-ever programme on Selling to Architects. His programmes covered selling at exhibitions, building design and construction and selling mining and construction equipment. Over the past three years, he has been totally focused on the research and development of CPD success programmes.

Caroline Ryan

Caroline is an experienced coach, trainer and facilitator, with a broad business perspective arising from senior level experience in multiple industry sectors, including design and construction, over the past 25 years whilst working in the UK and overseas. Her background includes senior roles in business development, management consultancy and training while her clients include SMEs through to PLC's, public sector organisations and Fortune 500 companies across Europe and the USA.

Carl Burkinshaw

Carl’s background in sales and sales management spans 30 years in the construction industry. He has worked for and with some of the biggest names in the specification arena such as Muraspec, Interface Europe, PPG, Akzo Nobel and Knauf. During this time he has recruited, trained, developed and managed sales teams at both regional and national levels. His close association with CPD Ltd has seen him involved in a variety of assignments with an emphasis on securing and maintaining architectural specifications and the development of CPD presentation skills.

Vic Armstrong
Audio Visual Consultant

Vic has in-depth experience in photography, video, internet, digital design and system software. His experience covers well over 20 years and, during this time, he has been privileged to be associated with such brands as Mars, BBC, Getty Imaging and Google. Previous commitments have taken him to the USA, India and Australia where he took part in the launch of a specialised building product. He is also  involved in the omni-directional interior capture of commercial properties to create 360° virtual reality imagery.

Sales/Technical Director:

The workshop was extremely informative with a great deal of new content I hadn’t come across before. Mike was exceptionally knowledgeable about the topic and has a clear passion for CPD presentations too.


The course was very good and made me think about how I do presentations and what techniques I need to use to improve them. Really good stuff.


The course content was extremely useful, providing lots of information to improve our presentations. I believe I learnt a lot about myself and how I can improve my presence and communication skills in presentations and subsequent meetings.

Specifications Manager:

The course was really informative and it was really good to have notes to take away and reference; there were many useful things I learned that I’d never previously considered.

Sales/Technical Director:

The programme was excellent and condensed into a really helpful workbook.  It was really useful to see yourself on video and be able to clearly identify specific presentation errors.

House Building Manager:

It was a very full 2 days and it made me realize how much more I can learn to improve my presentation skills. The workbook was really structured and clear and will be useful to reference for years to come and I feel sure I will see the benefits over the coming weeks and months. I feel much more natural and relaxed presenting that I did before. It was a fully supportive and interactive group and a safe place to practice. Overall, it was a really positive experience.

Sales Support Manager: (Company observer)

The whole day was really valuable and entertaining, providing some useful insights into good presentation skills and how they positively impact the audience and can lead to more business opportunities afterwards.

Sales Manager, UK, Scandinavia and Baltics:

Will help to improve my ability to maintain the interest of the audience.

Sales Director:

We chose CPD Ltd for developing the skills of our CPD presenters, based on three main factors:

  1. They know and understand architects
  2. They know how to make CPDs more effective
  3. They listen to our specific requirements and organise the training with these in mind.

A  very worthwhile exercise.

Technical Director:

The programme was very informative, thought-provoking – and fun.

College Court Leicester

All CPD Ltd two-day training workshops take place at the University of Leicester’s award-winning venue, the College Court Conference Centre,
Knighton Road, Leicester, LE2 3UF (Satnav: LE2 3TQ).
There is accommodation at the venue, should this be required for the evening prior to the CPD Success Dynamics programme.
Full details College Court:


CPD Ltd.
1 St Andrews Court
189 Evington Lane


0116 210 7400

07785 629 411


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