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Our Programmes

We provide two types of training programme, depending on the individual and/or corporate CPD development requirements.

All sessions include extensive video-based time for each delegate, enabling immediate review and feedback, leading into the development of specific personal presentation and strategy plans.

CPD Success Dynamics

With four participants each, the programme is to establish a successful foundational basis for the presentation of CPD seminars. It is ideally suited to those who are in the early stages of CPD presentations and is also relevant to those who have yet to add CPD skills as an essential part of their career development - Read More.

Advanced CPD Success Development

This is an individual programme based on an actual CPD seminar by the participant as it happens in the architectural practice (by prior arrangement). The best description of the programme is Advanced Presentation-Related Individual Learning (AP-RIL).

If preferred, a complete CPD seminar can be video-recorded on the company premises or at an alternative location.

Who will benefit?

All CPD presenters, whatever their experience…

The two programmes are exclusive to building component manufacturers who wish to increase the success levels of their CPD seminars.

Because our two programmes are fully interactive, the content can be adjusted on an individual basis and is key to our programmes’ success.

This means that our programmes are suitable for all those who have the responsibility of representing their companies in front of groups of architects or other construction industry professionals.

A cross-section of company roles includes Managing Directors, Sales Directors, Technical Directors, National and Regional Sales Managers, Marketing Directors and Managers, National Account Managers, Business Development Managers, Sales and Technical Representatives and Specification Consultants.

Architectural practices

During our research for the new AP-RIL concept, we spoke to a number of architects, one of whom was a practice director in Yorkshire. He made the following comment (said with feeling): “If you can help to make CPD seminars more interesting, more educational and just a little more exciting, it would be greatly appreciated!” 

Choice of Programme

The choice of which programme to use is totally dependent upon the skill level of each individual participant. This is normally achieved by discussion between CPD Ltd and the relevant executive responsible for CPD skill development.

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