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Sales executives of building component manufacturers often express the need to increase the benefits of the company's CPD presentations to architects and other construction industry professionals. Alongside this, sales and technical representatives also feel they could improve their presentation skills and confidence.

In order to address these situations and raise CPD seminars to a new success level, CPD Ltd has evaluated well over 100 CPD seminars in architects' practices and other venues throughout the country - even taking part in the CPD in a Cape Town practice.

As a result of the detailed research findings over several years, CPD Ltd has developed and introduced a totally new approach to the training of CPD presenters - known as Advanced Presentation-Related Individual Learning, or ‘APRIL’. 


Why APRIL is so effective

The core principle of AP-RIL's success is the pinpoint accuracy of the video- recording which takes place in the architectural practice. Using their CPD success checklist*, CPD Ltd consultants are able to produce a unique profile of the presenter’s CPD skill levels.

*The checklist can produce 490,000 different profiles.


The success of AP-RIL is based on five consecutive stages:

  1. A detailed self-evaluation of the presenter’s CPD attitudes and aptitudes is completed prior to the next stage of training. 
  2. Following on from the evaluation comes the vital stage of recording a live CPD seminar as it takes place in an architect's practice (by prior arrangement).
  3. A complete review of the finalised presentation by the CPD Ltd training consultants, Mike Howitt and Caroline Ryan. (This is not possible during group training due to the critical time necessary for detailed analysis.)
  4. The review leads to a detailed report, based on CPD Ltd’s extensive success checklist. This is then printed and forwarded to the presenter (and the agreed executive, by arrangement).
  5. Telephone calls are made between the CPD Ltd team member and the participant to work through the acquired implementation of the success blueprint.

AP-RIL Programme

Whilst AP-RIL doesn't have a predetermined programme, the video-based section covers the following ten essential areas:

- starting with pre-seminar activities and going on to opening remarks, delivery, body language, content, visuals, Power Point principles, content and operation and then finally, question skills and conclusion, plus post-seminar activities. All these aspects combine to produce a unique profile of each participant.

In addition to the video aspects of the training, there is a wide range of other appraisal assessment details including the setting of precise objectives relative to individual and company KPIs.

The benefits of AP-RIL include the saving of travel costs to the venue; accommodation costs; no lost time or territory; 100% individual ownership of the learning process; no loss of training time taken up by other delegates; tutorial interaction to assure effective retention and implementation. All these come with the highest measurable payback training investment.

Venue and Accommodation

There is no venue or accommodation required.


By mutual agreement, as soon as arrangements are made for the video recording at the relevant practice. The fully detailed success evaluation report is normally completed within two weeks of the date of receiving the necessary video memory card (and camera!).

Next Stage

For more information or a discussion related to the potential use of this or the CPD Success Dynamics, please email CPD.