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Who we are

The Corporate Professional Development team draws upon a wealth of architectural and construction industry experience, spanning more than 30 years' training in the UK and South Africa. 

Our core activities have concentrated on successful specification selling and associated programmes, during which time we have developed extensive experience in the seminars success development of CPD programmes for architects.

This solid foundation enables us to understand and respond to the specific needs of our niche client base of manufacturers of building components (all of whom are members of one or more of the following certification services: RIBA CPD Providers Network, CPD Certification Service or CPD DCE).  

What we do

We provide training services devoted to enabling building component manufacturers to further develop presentation delivery, awareness, knowledge and skills in order to maximise the impact and effectiveness of their CPD seminars.

All our activities are geared to securing increased and repeat business opportunities for our clients' CPD seminars.

Contact us today on 0116 210 7400 or email CPD.